Production Services

The theater is in our minds.


Audio Suspense is a team of sound design professionals with more than 60 years’ experience in audio production and mastering; work done in the fields of commercial radio, music performance and production, podcasting, live sound and more.

Photo by tima miroshnichenko

Attention to Detail

Professional soundscapes from producers who understand the importance of pace, and a pause that’s long enough, but not too long. We are skilled audio professionals who appreciate the importance of atmosphere and a musical swell at exactly the right moment.

photo by dmitry demidov

Judgement You Can Trust

Audio Suspense can take as much or as little of the responsibility for your audio drama production as you like. We’ll take your ideas, execute them to the fullest, and if you like, we’ll use our judgement to fill in the gaps.

Music. Sound effects. Ambient atmospheres. It’s all included, and we track rights and usage fanatically, so you’ll have no worries.

Give yourself the freedom to create.

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