Star Wars Lost and Found History: Black Angel

It’s summertime, 1980 and you’re in a mercifully cool, air-conditioned theater. The lights go down and your heart rate increases in anticipation of the feature attraction — The Empire Strikes Back. If you were at a theater in America, that’s exactly what you got, but if you saw The Empire Strikes Back at a EuropeanContinue reading “Star Wars Lost and Found History: Black Angel”

Drive Your Family Crazy with the Band Name Game

Does every adolescent go through a “decorate your notebooks with your favorite band names” phase? I know I sure did. And it went deeper than that for me. When classmates were going to parties and drinking beer, I went to slumber parties with close friends who had a similar infatuation with band names, logos andContinue reading “Drive Your Family Crazy with the Band Name Game”