Star Wars Lost and Found History: Black Angel

It’s summertime, 1980 and you’re in a mercifully cool, air-conditioned theater. The lights go down and your heart rate increases in anticipation of the feature attraction — The Empire Strikes Back. If you were at a theater in America, that’s exactly what you got, but if you saw The Empire Strikes Back at a European or Australian theater, you saw something more.

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Drive Your Family Crazy with the Band Name Game

Does every adolescent go through a “decorate your notebooks with your favorite band names” phase? I know I sure did. And it went deeper than that for me. When classmates were going to parties and drinking beer, I went to slumber parties with close friends who had a similar infatuation with band names, logos and drawing. And it didn’t matter if they were real or made-up. We’d sit around for hours with our drawing pads recreating logos for groups like Dokken and Winger, and (it goes without saying) the winged “VH” logo for Van Halen. Likewise we’d design logos for our made-up bands too, with cheesy names like Equinox and Felony and Swift Kik and Problem Child.

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