I have nearly three-decades experience writing: Commercials, promos and news for radio. Blogs, music reviews and researched articles for print and the web. Sourced investigative journalism-style podcast scripts, too. What can I write for you today?

Choose minimum words for maximum impact, or elaborate descriptions to conjure mental imagery.

Quiz Show

White Diamonds 30-second radio commercial script.

The Rider

Supernatural thriller, fiction. Manuscript excerpt.

Happy Wife, Happy Life

White Diamonds 30-second radio commercial script.

Get It Done

Pizza Patrol 30-second radio commercial script.

Helltel Phone Company

iCare Electronic Repair 30-second radio commercial audio.

Willful Ignorance

Supernatural thriller, fiction. Manuscript excerpt.

Tales of True Crime

Tales of True Crime, episode 16, non-fiction podcast script excerpt.

What people are saying about Tales of True Crime:


…the episodes are brilliantly written, weaving the facts with the storytelling bits into a cohesive and gripping narrative. Highly recommended for fans of True Crime and storytelling in general. I’m so happy he’s back with more episodes. Also… don’t forget to lock your doors.”


“Really enjoying this well produced and well researched podcast. I consider myself someone well versed in many true crime cases, but this podcast has unearthed a number of cases I’ve never encountered. Truly thought provoking. Thank you so much for bringing a great quality true crime podcast.”


“This indie podcast is so professionally put together you would think that it was made by a huge network with endless resources. I guess that’s testament to the hard work and commitment that has gone into it. Brilliant podcast.

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What can I write for you today?